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  •  The trails were created for George 'Nixon' Black Jr., the third generation of the Black family to own Woodlawn. He used them to exercise horses and to enjoy carriage rides through the forest as seen in the historic photograph of Nixon and his mother, Mary Peters Black, in the late 1890's.

  • The three loops on the trail system were renamed in 2023 for horses owned by the three different generations of the Black family to own Woodlawn. Today the trails are a little over two miles in length.

  • The first loop, Gander, was once used as a racetrack by Nixon for his cars. During Nixon’s time (1880's to 1920's) this loop was open with no trees and the forest line started at the straight extension into the second and third loops. Nixon enjoyed watching the horses run from the museum sunporch.

Story Trail and Children's Library

  • The Children's Frog Lending Library was installed in 2023 with a grant from the Maine Community Foundation. Books and seasonal Nature BINGO cards can be found inside. Donations of children's books are always welcome.

  • The permanent story trail was installed in 2024 and the story changes seasonally. The story trail was also made possible by support from the Maine Community Foundation.


  • This pond was created to water the livestock for the Black Family homestead. Currently it is home to many frogs and visiting ducks.

  • For nearly 100 years, it remains a popular place for local families to ice skate in the winter months.

  • The pond can be seen as it looked in the 1890's in this historic photograph.

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