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     Whether you're taking your dog for a walk, getting in your steps, or looking to take in some nature, the Trails at Woodlawn are a great option! Available every day, dawn to dusk, all year long. At just over two miles, the forested landscape behind the rock walls is wonderful and home to lots of wildlife including deer, fox, owls, and Bald Eagles. The Gander trail was completely clear cut when George Nixon Black Jr. used it as a racetrack for his car. The outer trails were developed for carriage rides to exercise the horses. Dogs are welcome on leash. 

If you'd like the trail guide ahead of time, you can download it here.

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Nature Bingo

If you or your family are looking for an activity to do while out on the trails, why not try our nature bingo? Either save it to your phone or print it off to bring with you on the trail.

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