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Rental Use Code

Please read the following information carefully. It describes what we expect of you, and what you can expect from us. An in-person or telephone meeting is encouraged before any rental agreements are made.

For any space you wish to rent, please complete a Event Inquiry Form inquiry and the Barn Manager will contact you to discuss availability and price. You may also contact us at or 207-667-8671. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. 50% of the nonrefundable deposit will be required to hold your spot, a further 40% needs to be paid seven days in advance of your event. There is also a cleaning fee, a portion of which will be credited to your final 10% if the space is left …….in an acceptable manner? Clean and tidy as it was found?


Community events - These will be publicized in our e-newsletter, social media, street sign and calendar depending upon availability of staff/volunteers, space on the sign, etc. Woodlawn's logo and website can be used in publicity materials.

Private events - Any individual or organization that uses Woodlawn for a public or private event may not
use publicity materials that indicate or imply that a program is endorsed by Woodlawn, and all publicity
materials must specify who is sponsoring the event. Any press release, announcement or poster should
clearly state “This event is sponsored by (name of individual/organization)” and include contact information for the party responsible for the program. In no case will Woodlawn's logo, website, phone
number or email be used in any publicity materials for events not endorsed by Woodlawn.

Occupancy: The fire code maximum capacity for The Baker Center is 120 seated with tables and chairs, and 255 people standing. For smaller events:  the Library is 32 people seated and 64 standing; the Barn conference room is 20 people seated/30 standing,  The Cottage is 20 people seated, 30 standing. Outdoor space reservations will be discussed based on each event.

Food & Alcohol: The Barn is equipped with a commercial kitchen for caterers to use to warm and serve meals but not prepare and cook. Food may be consumed as long as the building is left in a clean state after use. Alcoholic beverages cannot be sold on the premises without a license but may be enjoyed in moderation while provided by the host.

Tobacco & Drugs: No smoking, vaping or illegal drugs are allowed on the property. This is a smoke-free campus

Clean Up: Please leave the building and/or grounds as, or better than, it was found. Your event store should be scheduled to remove all rental items for your event by the following morning. All floors must be swept and all trash must be taken.

Liability: The individual requesting the use of Woodlawn is responsible for all damage, theft or vandalism that may occur to Woodlawn during their event(s). A $1m insurance rider is required with Woodlawn indicated as additionally insured.

Equipment & Setup: Woodlawn provides smart screens  for hosts to use during their events. Hosts are required to bring their own projector and means to present. Please confirm your needs when making your reservations. Nothing may be fixed to the walls in any manner – tape, tacks, or ties.  Limited number of easels may be available upon request.

Electrical/IT: All of Woodlawn is wifi accessible and a password will be provided – for guests it is open sign in as they wish. All Barn rooms are fully equipped with ample electrical outlets. No modifications of any kind may be made to the electrical system. UL-approved extension cords may be used.

Parking: There are three disability access parking spots available and the rest of the parking is first come, first served.  Woodlawn has ample parking with an extended lot if necessary that provides for 65 cars.  Assistance to ensure people park for maximum accommodation can be provided if necessary. 

Safety: All exits, corridors, exit accesses, stairs and stair enclosures MUST be free from obstruction at all times.

Rental Fees: 100% of fees  and donations collected support Woodlawn’s mission. Fees may vary slightly, depending on the exact nature of your event. Negotiations will reflect the amount of space you require and your willingness to allow other spaces to also be rented.  Having the Barn available as a private venue is possible but will be rare.  Please discuss your needs early with  the Barn Manager.

Payments: A signed contract with the deposit payment and Building Use agreement must be received before a date is confirmed as reserved. Checks, payable to Woodlawn, may be mailed to P.O. Box 1478, Ellsworth, ME 04605. Or payment can be made online here (link).

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