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Formal Garden

  • Created during the time of Nixon Black in 1903. The design of the original garden followed Nixon’s interest in the Colonial Revival movement and was once the home to peacocks and pheasants as seen in the historic photograph from the 1890's.

  • We are currently working with a Master Gardener to bring the flower garden back to life.



Summer house

  • The summer house was built in 1880 and removed in 1939. Its structure was very similar to the rustic style that was found in Acadia National Park around the same time. We hope to build a replica by the summer of 2025.

Tea Lawn

  • The tea lawn located behind the Ell has been used for small events and summer teas since the 1960’s.


  • To the south of the formal garden is what remains of an apple orchard. There are currently 2 heritage apple trees. These same trees can be seen in photographs from the 1890’s.

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