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Black Family Tomb

  • Built in 1844, we believe that the tomb holds seven members of the Black family, including:

    • John Black

    • Mary Cobb Black

    • John Black Jr.

    • Priscilla Porter Black (wife of John Black Jr.)

    • John Black III (son of John Black Jr. and Priscilla Porter Black)

    • Susan Otis Black (Wife of Alexander Black),

    • Caroline Black (daughter of George Nixon and Mary Peters Black).

  • On the top of the pyramidal shaped granite tomb, you will see a truncated obelisk with the words John Black etched into it. 

  • The Horsechestnut trees seen in this area were planted around 1873 to line the path to the tomb. Then 25 trees were replanted on the recommendation of famed landscape architect, Beatrix Farrand in the 1930’s to fill the vacancies in the tree lined path as well as the five that formed a quincunx around the tomb itself. (This is a pattern like the 5 on a die.)

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