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  • Barns and outbuildings at Woodlawn have gone through many transformations.

  • The original livestock and carriage barn was finished in 1827 at the same time as the house.  According to records found in the archives, a 'new' addition to the barn was built as a stable for up to 16 horses as well as the home for a variety of other animals such as oxen, chickens and dairy cows.

  • ​The second floor of the barn served as both hay loft and the living quarters for the stable hands. Later, Nixon’s Chauffeur, Francisco Gombe, made an apartment in the upper north part of the barn with exterior stairs for his use.

  • The stable portion of the barn was removed in 1948 and public restrooms were added to the remaining structure. 

  • The barn was used for primarily for storage and display of the carriages and some programs seasonally. It was removed in 2019 after being deemed unsafe.

  • A modern new Barn was built on the original footprint with a full basement and two levels of program space. It opened in 2024, and has a replica façade of the original. 

  • The new Barn includes an archival vault and area for collections storage and restoration. 

  • A year-round facility, the new Barn is available for rent by private groups and also provides space for education and community programs.

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