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  • The barn has gone through many transformations. We believe that a original barn was finished in 1827 at the same time as the house.  According to records found in the archives, there was a new barn built in 1847, which was used as a stable for up to 16 horses as well as the home for a variety of other animals such as oxen, chickens and dairy cows.

  • The stable portion of the barn was removed in 1948 and public restrooms were added to the remaining structure.

  • The second floor of the barn were the living quarters for the stable hands and later Nixon’s Chauffeur, Francisco Gombe.

  • Used mostly for the storage of carriages, the barn was torn down in 2019 after being deemed unsafe.

  • Opened in 2024, this new barn is a replica of the façade of the barn that remained in 1948 and was built on same footprint.

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