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Hay Fields 

  • When John Black built Woodlawn, it had many elements of a working farm. The large fields were used for grazing animals including oxen, dairy cows, and horses as well as plantings that were a part of market gardens.

  • Currently, there are mowed walking paths on each of the two remaining open hay fields. These paths are nearly 0.5 miles each. There are also eight Bluebird boxes which are registered with Downeast Audubon and are part of the Bluebird Trail (

  • There are plans to again establish a community garden in a section of the the North field in 2025.

  • Two granite pillars at the top of the front (East) field mark what used to be a driveway that came up straight from the Surry Road.

  • The front field was voted by Downeast Magazine as one of the most popular places in Hancock County for sledding in the winter. And it has been used as a sledding hill for nearly 100 years.

  • The South Field was converted to a level playing field  for tent space as well as program activities in 2006 at  the same time the croquet court was established. 

Tree Nursery

  • The tree nursery was established in 1932 upon the recommendation of Beatrix Farrand and included Horsechestnut, Sugar Maple, Red Maple, White Cedar, American Ash, Red Oak, White Spruce, Red Spruce, Scottish Mountain Ash, Native Mountain Ash, Norway Pine, Elm, and Hemlock.

  • The trees were to be grown in the nursery until they were big enough to move to other locations on the campus. Unfortunately, the trees were planted during the depression (as a savings strategy most likely) but the continued affects of the depression and then the war led to deferred maintenance and eventual abandonment of the nursery.

  • The remaining perimeter trees at the nursery (the interior trees died as a result of no sun exposure) now include Norway Spruce and Scotch Pine. After significant clearing of standing and fallen dead trees, the former nursery is now home to a permanent fairy village, created in 2023. This magical place is for children of all ages to create and add to existing fairy house structures.

Fairy village.jpg
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