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Fields and Tree Nursery

Side and Front Hay Fields

  • There are mowed walking paths on each of the two large fields. These paths are around 0.5 miles each. These fields have been used to grow hay for the animals as well as market gardens in the past.

  • We are planning to establish a community garden in the north field in 2025.

  • 2 granite pillars at the top of the front field mark what used to be a driveway that came up straight from the Surry Road.

  • The front field is one of the most popular places in Hancock County for sledding in the winter.

Tree Nursery

  • The former tree nursery was established in 1932 upon the recommendation of Beatrix Farrand. Once included Horsechestnut, Sugar Maple, Red Maple, White Cedar, American Ash, Red Oak, White Spruce, Red Spruce, Scottish Mountain Ash, Native Mountain Ash, Norway Pine, Elm, and Hemlock. The trees were to be planted in the nursery until they were big enough to move to other locations on the campus. Unfortunately, the trees were planted right before the depression and the war which led to deferred maintenance of the nursery.

  • The tree nursery now contains primarily Norway Spruce and Scotch Pine and is currently home to a fairy village, created in 2023, is a place for children of all ages to create and add to existing fairy house structures.

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